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Laura Creole Plantation

The best tour in the U.S.

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Tour the Historic Laura Creole Plantation

Enjoy a ride through Lousiana in one of our luxury vehicles to the Laura Creole Plantation. We spend 90 minutes at the plantation exploring the site’s rich history.

This plantation tour includes the maison principale (big house), the French jardin, the plantation kitchen garden, the banana grove, and the original 1840s slave cabins where the legendary tales of Compair Lapin (known in English as Br’er Rabbit) were first recorded. Learn about the history of the Laura Creole Plantation and of New Orleans from your friendly and knowledgable guide as you tour this historic plantation.

At the end of the tour, you get a chance to visit the gift shop full of local arts, crafts, and souvenirs. Also, don’t forget to visit the new museum exhibit displaying the daily lives of those who lived, free and enslaved, on the sugar plantation.